Register and Login Chaos : How to make your users happy by routing them well

As more iOS 8 beta versions are released, I find myself formatting my iPhone and re-installing many apps I use, and also new apps.

This means a lot of Login and/or Register going on..

Generally speaking,
Register takes a million data points from the user (n=infinity)
and Login only takes username and password (n=2)

As I'm typing my credentials on the iPhone keyboard in different services, I find myself struggling with 2 repeating problems in all services:

Problem 1 : I try to Register, but I'm already registered.
The Elegant Solution : The service should find out the user exists as early as possible, and route the user to the login lane.

Existing user tries to register
Problem 2 : I try to Login, but I'm not yet registered.
The Elegant Solution : The service should find out the user doesn't exist as early as possible, and route the user to the Register lane.
Non-existing user tries to login

I would also recommend explaining the situation to the user and asking them whether they want to be routed.

Note that these solutions expose some security threats that need to be prevented.

iOS8 Custom Keyboard Template: How to create a custom keyboard

Hi guys

So a few years ago I developed some keyboard for Nokia devices.
They were Symbian and J2ME apps that provided the user more writing languages, since Nokia only gave you 1 or 2 keyboards, even tough the machine had all the fonts and everything.

Android devices let developers create 3rd party keyboards for a long time
During WWDC14 , Apple announced the new iOS8 Extensions API, which allows creating Custom Keyboards for the iPhone

So I set out to look for a template to create my custom keyboard - but naturally fount nothing, as this was the first day they released the iOS8 and Xcode6 betas

Eventually I created my own template for iOS8 custom keyboard

You can download it here: iOS 8 Custom Keyboard Template

A hideous example I built with it:

You can change the xib file to whatever you wish thus creating whatever UI experience you want

Share your keyboards!

How to Fix Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Messages Crash: Internal Messages error occurred

Got this error message on Mac OS X Yosemite when opening the Messages app:

An internal Messages error occurred.
There was a problem with Messages.
You need to quit and open Messages again

Fix this by:
1. Open contacts app
2. Disable all the accounts you have there (iCloud, Google, etc..)
3. Now you have no contacts in your contacts list
4. Open Messages app

Now the Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Messages App works!

How to Solve Mac OS X Yosemite Chrome Crashes

How to solve crashes of Google Chrome on Mac OS X Yosemite Beta?

1. Remove "Google" from your applications folder
2. Download it from
3. Install

Now your Chrome doesn't crash anymore on Mac OS X Yosemite Beta!!!

How to Solve the Nexus 7 Slow Charging Problem

I have a Nexus 7
He has a problem
He charges REALLY slowly
Sometimes 8 hours!

Problem definition: slow charging on nexus 7.

I found many complain about nexus 7 slow charging

So i found some weird solutions out there
Most don't work


Please let me know if it helped you! :)