Command line Youtube

How to install command-line youtube:
1. pip install mps-youtube
2. brew install mplayer

mpsyt will open the program

/{your search term}  will search for your term
after getting a list of results, you can click the number of the result in the list (1,2,3,4....)

If you wan to quit command-line-youtube, click q

How to implement a WKInterfaceTable in WatchKit

  1. new projcet
  2. new watchkit target

  1. in the storyboard drag a table
  2. drag an outlet to the interface controller

  1. in code - define a row controller class per defined row controller
  2. at init, add rows to table
  3. respond to row selections

  1. select table obj from storyboard
  2. open its attributes tab

Define a custom row controller class
  1. new NSObject subclass
  2. @import WatchKit;
  3. add IBOutlets per UI obj in your row
  4. in storyboard, set row controller class and connect the outlets
  5. assign an identifier string to the row (remember it for later when creating a new row)

Configure row content in runtime
  1. Determine number of rows
  2. Determine type of row
  3. Iterate through rows using rowConrtollerAtIndex:[int]
  4. Config the row controller content

Respond to row selection
  1. impement table:didSelectRowAtIndex:

QRacker : copy text, emails, phones from your desktop to your phone - easily

Simply drag and drop the chunk of content you want to teleport
Scan the QR code generated by QRacker with your phone
And you have that data teleported to your phone, ready to be acted upon

Easy, right?

Tao Te Nur - My Book (Presentation format)

Tao te Nur - My Book