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You started implementing the TODO,DOING,DONE method for being productive ‏like a machine. You set lists of super-TODOs, mini-TODOs and micro-TODOs, but now you don't know which of the micro-TODOs you should do first.

There's a small and fast technique I created that I call TODO ROI Table. You sort your TODOs according to their ROI.

How is this done?
  1. List all your TODOs (super, mini or micro)
  2. List time* to complete each TODO
  3. Estimate the profit* gained from completing each TODO
  4. Calculate the ROI of each TODO. ROI = (profit/time)
  5. Sort TODOs by ROI: 1st TODO is the highest ROI.
* whatever unit, just keep it uniform throughout the table.
Time: minutes, hours, days..
Profit: $, happiness, pats on the back..

Start DOING the TODOs, one by one, until you're DONE!