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Nokia business school

What I learned in the past year, working as a Sales and Service Representative for Nokia.

Look sharp
Dress respectfully, smell good, and be polite.

Love the Product
When the product is a part of your life, it's easy to sell. When you love the product, you project it to potential buyers.

Good Customer Care Sells
Trademark your customer service. Customers will choose you over your competition if they can trust you in a rainy day.

Communicate Your Efforts to the Customer
Every customer brings new efforts. Discounts to approve, products to customize, and prices to offer. Let your customer know you are making those efforts. Communicate those efforts so the customer appreciates it.

Buy = Need + Want
Your customer is considering the product because she needs it. What will drive her to full-heartedly purchase it, is wanting the product. Make her desire the product. Show its sides which should be further explored when she opens the box.

Instead of Breaking Objections, Calm them Down
When your customer raises an objection, dont break it and dont get hurt. Where does the objection come from? Calm the customer by giving him answers to his fears.

Sell through Natural Dialog
We are human. Try to reach out to your potential buyer by creating an open dialog. If you open up, the customer will too. read more

Tailor Custom Products

Every customer wants and needs something else. Refine what he needs from his coarse requirements, and suggest the perfect variation. Offer 2-3 options, without explicitly dissing any of them. Also, learn to communicate a single option's many sides.

The Customer is Not God
In contrary to the saying, the customer is not always right. In some cases the customer is even knowingly wrong.

To conclude, I learned a lot from working at Nokia. I think everyone should work in sales and service for one year. It's a concentrated Business Course.