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Android how-to: Multiple ListViews in one LinearLayout

In an app I'm working on, I wanted to put two ListViews in one LinearLayout.
How do you show multiple ListViews in a single Activity in an Android app?
How do you create a UI similar to the Anrdoid Market app UI?

Step 1. Designing a custom layout in a layout .xml file:
Declare a LinearLayout.
Declare android:weightSum="1.0". This sets the total weight from which each View on the screen can take part (see in a minute).
Everywhere you want a ListView, add the element.
I nested mine inside a vertical LinearLayout, because I added more Views to it. This LinearLayout takes a .4 part of the weight on the screen (Divide how you want).
(Note: I hid most properties to keep it short)

<LinearLayout android:weightSum="1.0">
<LinearLayout android:layout_weight=".4">
  <ListView android:orientation="vertical"></ListView>

Step 2. Designing a layout for each item in the ListView:
You probably want a TextView. I didn't try it, but I guess you can put images here also.

Step 3. Filling the List with items in the code:
create a new class that extends Activity. Note that we are not extending ListActivity which provides a good framework for a single ListView.
public class MultipleListViews extends Activity
In the onCreate method, setContentView to your custom layout.

 protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Next, get the ListView object using findViewById.

ListView lv = (ListView)findViewById(R.id.list_view1);

Now comes the part we fill-in the items into the list with an array of String, using the ArrayAdapter generic to String

lv.setAdapter(new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, R.layout.list_item,strings[]));

Repeat step 3 for each ListView you want to populate with items on the Activity.

And that's it! you have a single Android Activity with multiple ListViews!

I hope this how-to helps you create complex custom layouts and advanced apps on Android by showing multiple ListViews in a single Activity.