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Worklight is an Israeli startup that develops a platform that enables enterprises to develop cross platform apps.

The platform is comprised of an IDE and a server. The IDE is an Eclipse plug-in. The server is based on Tomcat and is developed and flavoured by Worklight.

The big idea behind the Worklight cross-platformism is that behind each native app there is a single web app. Write once, run everywhere.

How does it work? The enterprise developer writes a web app with HTML, Javascript and CSS. He then adds Environments - Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone. The Worklight platform automatically transforms his single web app to native apps for each of the platforms.

The developer can add server and database interaction by writing Adapters. The adapters take care of HTTP requests and SQL queries, transmitted securely to the back-end services the enterprise has.

Adapters are comprised of two parts. Decleration and Implemetation. The decleration is an xml doc that declares the offered procedures. The second part is a Javascript implementation of the declared procedures, written using the Worklight Javascript Server API.

Each app built with the Worklight platform can have customizations per OS, with special design and native pages.

The Worklight platform can be downloaded here for free trial.

I started working in Worklight as a Mobile Infrastructure Developer in the beginning of this month. It's a great company, with amazing developers, and a product sure to conquer the enterprise mobile apps development industry. I am planning on being a linchpin in this company, learn and develop a lot.