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Introduction to Gamification - Getting Started

I read a great book about gamification - Gamification by Design and decided to share some main points i drew from it.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is creating stronger engagement between your users and your product by applying game techniques.

When we gamify a product, we call our product a game, and our users - players.

Traditional examples of Gamification

  • Buy 9 coffees, get 1 free
  • Earn points on purchases you make with your credit card and convert them to prizes
  • Travel X thousands of miles with an airline and get extra services and advantages

Modern examples of Gamification

  • Foursquare and stackoverflow give you badges and points for achievements
  • Farmville gives you the reward of seeing your crops grow

Types of players

Most players play to socialize.


Flow is being "in the zone". Being completely focues and immersed in a task. It's the space between being challenged by the task and being adequately skilled to solve it.
We want our players to get into the flow in our game.

How to create a game loop

We create an achievable challenge and reward the player for achieving it. The challenge gets more difficult as the player advances.

What should be the first challenge I let my player achieve?

Welcome your players with a very achievable challenge. We don't want them to leave so soon..

What should I reward my player for achievements?

The best reward is status. Surprisingly, stuff as rewards are least effective for motivation.

I hope to implement these ideas in my apps and my word as I learn more about Gamification.