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Notes from the audiobook 'Monday Again?!' by Marquese Martin-Hayes

It is an hour well spent to reload some perspective to your brain.
Here are my random notes from the audiobook:

- Go over my goals every day
- Multi project is wrong
- Pick a song that makes me positively energetic
- Exercise each morning
- Office excercise
- Walk
- Stretch
- Smile
- Drink
- Eat healthy
- Breath deep
- Work hard play hard
- Wearing too many hats
- Relax at work
- Stress is lack of control
- You make the day
- Make it a great day
- Not changing makes you sick
- Choose to be something else
- No one forces me to work
- As a man thinks so he is
- What I think of myself
- Decide that this will be different
- Act to win
- Choose to win
- Not choosing is losing
- Life is 90% our response
- Make Monday the best day
- 90% Americans hate work
- Monday is a new opportunity
- How to plan a work week
- Monday can be the best day
- Don't allow hating Mondays enter your brain
- Hating Mondays is cultural
- Shoot for the stars
- How to make everyday a friday
- Its all in our mind
- Change negative beliefs
- Positive steps to change
- Can't be available always
- Say no
- Learn to change
- Choose a different perspective