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Drum & Bass Producer, Software Developer, Love my Cats


Drum & Bass Producer, Musician and Engineer 

iTunes:           https://itun.es/us/2NaKhb

Spotify:          https://open.spotify.com/artist/5BXzHmQ5I4r0E8IpUQGSqX
SoundCloud:   https://soundcloud.com/xorcore
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Crafting hard-hitting DnB and crispy Breakbeats with complex Neuro sound.
Classically trained on the piano and sang in a choir. Performed and recorded Death Metal and Fusion-Jazz as a drummer.
Utilizing this mixture of skills and genres, using high-end sound engineering, today creating Drum & Bass that gets listeners in the zone.
Currently looking for cooperation opportunities with Drum & Bass record labels and sound pack distributors.

Nur Nachman, aka Xorcore, born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Producing Drum & Bass in his studio in the lively neighborhood of Florentin - the epicenter of the club-scene of Tel-Aviv, with his cats - Tofi and Panda.
As a youngster, played the piano for 10 years - mostly Classical music and Jazz, and sang in a choir. During high-school, crushed the drums with a few bands, playing and performing different flavors of Death Metal and Fusion-Jazz.

These early musical adventures were very helpful in building his current musical signature.
After a few years of producing indie Gangsta Rap, in 2015 Nur started producing Drum & Bass. His versatile musical style is soulful, dark and complex.
Interestingly enough, Nur collaborates with vocalists and other producers from around the world via the internet.
In his acoustically treated studio, designed with top professional experts, are various types of controllers and other toys that support his unique production workflows.

His tracks are aired on the Israeli 106FM radio and he reached the top 10 in the HIVE music voting app. In Early January 2017, Italian label 2R-Records released “Motion Synthness” as a single. In February 2017, Melbourne DnB label BeatSpectrum released his EP - “Fight or Fight”. In end of March 2017, another BeatSpectrum release was out as a single - "Open Bet" with a smashing remix by Space Journey.

Xorcore is currently looking for cooperation opportunities with Drum & Bass record labels, Sample Pack distributors, and tutorial publishers.

Latest Releases:
Open Bet - Single - March 2017 on BeatSpectrum (Australia)
Fight or Fight - EP - February 2017 on BeatSpectrum (Australia)
Motion Synthness - Single January 2017 on 2R-Records (Italy)

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Contact Info:
Nur Nachman
62 Haaliya st, Tel-Aviv, Israel